Vision Strategy & Team Growth for Early Childhood Business Leaders

Vision Strategy & Team Growth for Early Childhood Business Leaders

Transform Work into PLAY

With Rachel Supalla M.Ed
Speaker, Consultant and Trainer

My name is Rachel and I help childcare leaders go from being held captive by their business to gaining clear vision for what’s next and give them tools to empower their teams through the playful leadership skills that I have learned as a teacher, multi-site childcare owner and national business coach. I am also a mom of four teenagers, a creative, adventure seeking traveler with ADHD. I love all pretty things and believe life needs to be as beautiful as it is functional. I can’t wait to work and play with you!

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How does someone from an unstable home, grow up to transform the childcare industry?

Rachel Supalla M.Ed could have easily become another statistic if it weren’t for the champions in her life that helped her access her inner power, spark her magic of play, and ultimately change her fate.

Now as a mother of 4, multi-site childcare owner, speaker, consultant and trainer, she shares the personal and professional insights that she gained on her journey to help nurture children and businesses alike. Rachel Supalla has a bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood, a Master’s degree in Early Childhood Education, is Montessori Certified and a certified National Business coach. Today, she is transforming culture from the inside out.

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You may have already heard about my role as a national business coach, and certified trainer, but I’m excited to share my updated Vision Tree Consulting page where you can book me for speaking engagements, consulting, and tailored programs for your community’s needs. Let’s work together to help you tap into playful leadership skills, nurture your own spirit of play, and create a culture of MAGIC that can thrive together.

At VISIONTREE, we believe in:


We stay open to discovering new ways and new possibilities, never staying stuck in “the way we’ve always done it.”


We believe in always improving, growing, staying mindful & prioritizing goal-setting.


Play is a core philosophy to keep a positive mindset and make work fun.


We believe in empowering others to establish influence & connect to form strong relationships so that enforcing policies becomes easier.


LOVING WORK & LIFE We empower leaders to create magical futures; ones where work-life balance is however they desire.