Playful Leadership: A Recipe for Growth and Success

Playful Leadership: A Recipe for Growth and Success

Leadership is a tricky business. It requires the right balance of confidence, knowledge, and empathy to be successful. But what if there was an additional ingredient that could help you take your leadership skills to the next level? Enter playful leadership.

Playful leadership is about knowing when and how to utilize play as a strategy and process to energize people to achieve business outcomes. It’s about having a relaxed, creative, imaginative mindset that eschews consequences and strict goals in favor of exploration. It’s about being curious, listening, understanding perspectives, and embracing failure as part of the learning process.

The benefits of playful leadership are numerous. For starters, it encourages collaboration between team members by creating an environment where everyone feels safe to express their ideas without fear of judgment or criticism. This leads to more innovative solutions and better problem solving overall. Additionally, it helps build trust between team members by fostering an atmosphere of mutual respect and appreciation for each other’s contributions.

Playful leadership also encourages employees to take risks in pursuit of their goals without feeling like they have something to lose if they fail. This can lead to greater creativity and innovation as well as improved morale among team members who feel empowered to take initiative without worrying about the consequences. Finally, playful leadership can help foster a sense of belonging within teams by creating a space where everyone feels valued and respected regardless of their background or experience level.

One way to create a playful workplace culture is to encourage employees to take breaks throughout the day. This could be as simple as having a designated break room with a massage chair, games or puzzles, or allowing employees to take short walks outside during their lunch break. Allowing employees to take regular breaks can help them stay energized and focused on their tasks.

Another way to promote a playful workplace culture is to host team-building activities. These activities could include anything from group outings such as bowling or laser tag, ax throwing, bowling, bingo night, hiking,  to hosting in-office competitions such as trivia nights or scavenger hunts. We plan our “teambonding” activities and events a year in advance then plan the details each quarter to give us plenty of time to make the Magic happen.  We have monthly themed potluck and dress up days, weekly fun activities or swag, quarterly team outings and all of our meetings have a theme, food and fun.  Always use your core values and your core focus as a filter when planning your team fun.  Team-building activities are great for helping coworkers bond and build relationships with one another, which can lead to increased collaboration and productivity in the workplace.

Finally, it’s important for employers to recognize employee achievements in fun ways. This could be anything from awarding small prizes for completing tasks quickly or efficiently, or simply taking the time out of the day to thank an employee for their hard work. We have fun ways of recognizing each other and also use a platform called Bonusly.  These small gestures can make all the difference when it comes to creating an enjoyable work environment that encourages employees to do their best work every day.

In conclusion, playful leadership is an invaluable tool for any leader looking to create a culture of growth and success within their organization. By embracing playfulness in their approach and mindset to leading teams, leaders can create an environment where everyone feels comfortable expressing themselves freely and connected to each other and the company values, while still working towards common goals with enthusiasm and purpose!

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